How can parents get involved?

Parents can be involved at St Francis of Assisi Primary School in a number of ways. There are various committees such as the Parent Sustainability Group, Finance Committee and the Parents and Friends Network group.

These groups contribute to the decision making and strategic planning in the relevant areas. We also hold a Forum each term where all parents are invited to attend to hear topical information and listen to feedback from families.

Parents are encouraged to share their skills and talents in learning activities with students. We have parents who contribute in a variety of ways from regular time slots to helping out with working bees and contributing on one off projects where they have skills or time to offer.

Visit the Parents and Friends Network page for more information about being involved in the St Francis of Assisi Primary School Community.

For information and to become involved with the Parent Sustainability Group please contact Suzie Patrala –


St Francis of Assisi Primary School Wodonga was previously known as Frayne College. This name change took place at the end of 2015.



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