Learning Inclusion

Snapshot Statement: The St Francis school community supports all students to grow, just like the sunflower: strong, proud, reaching to the sky.

Core Belief

At St Francis of Assisi Primary School our Catholic Identity and Belief is always strong and guiding thus ensuring the self-worth, dignity and diversity of all in our caring and dynamic school community.

We believe that all of our students should be given equal opportunity to access, participate fully and flourish in a diverse, academic, social, emotional and creative curriculum.

Our aim is for all students to have an enviable and meaningful life, where they discover their potential and purpose.

How do we provide inclusive education for all?

At St Francis of Assisi, we are proud that we provide inclusive education for all our students.  We do this by embracing and implementing our school’s 4 pillars in the context of Learning Inclusion:

Inclusion Chart
Flower for Learning Inclusion

Learning Inclusion Team

At St Francis, our skilled and understanding Learning Inclusion and Well Being Team work with students, teaching staff and families, supporting all our students to grow ‘Strong, Proud, Reaching to the Sky’.


2021 Learning Inclusion Specialist Team:-

Learning Inclusion Leader:-            Belinda Lingham

Speech Pathologist                               Emma Clark

School Counselor                                  Cassie Neville


Learning Inclusion Support Staff:- 

Beck Curtis, Tania Fraser, Linda Boswell, Alethea Jones, Shane Laracy, Nikki Ley, Gillian Neill, Tess Pedley, Gaye Smith, Lee Beaumont, Sarah Quast, Kristen O’Neill.



St Francis of Assisi Primary School Wodonga was previously known as Frayne College. This name change took place at the end of 2015.



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