Learning and Well Being Team

We strive to meet the individual needs of all our learners so that every student at St. Francis of Assisi can experience success at school. Our ‘Learning and Well Being Team’ at St. Francis’ consists of the following members who work alongside students, teachers and families, offering support, guidance and specialized skills:-

Principal and Deputy Principal – Jennyne Wilkinson and Natalie Pierce

School Chaplain – Anne Tremethick

School Counsellor – Paula Mobach

Learning Inclusion Specialist Teacher – Belinda Lingham.

Speech and Language Pathologist : Josette Godde

Literacy Specialist Teacher – Faye Lappin

Education Support Officer – Gillian Neil

Catholic Education Office Learning and Teaching Specialist – Arn Gorman

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St Francis of Assisi Primary School Wodonga was previously known as Frayne College. This name change took place at the end of 2015.




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