Learning Inclusion



Core Belief

At St Francis of Assisi Primary School our Catholic Identity and Belief is always strong and guiding thus ensuring the self-worth, dignity and diversity of all in our caring and dynamic school community.

We believe that all of our students should be given equal opportunity to access, participate fully and hence flourish in a diverse, academic, social, emotional and creative curriculum.

We aim for all students to have an enviable and meaningful life where they discover their potential and purpose.


At St Francis of Assisi, we are proud that we provide inclusive education for all our students. We do this by cultivating a safe, positive and robust school culture where:-

  • All are greeted warmly.
  • We have clear structures, processes and policies that support learning inclusion.
  • Authentic relationships can be seen and heard throughout the school, at anytime of day.
  • Diversity is celebrated. Special talents and unique gifts are developed.
  • All staff have unconditional positive regard for all students, families and each other
  • Understanding individual differences allows us to use proactive strategies rather than reactive in relation to behavior
  • Unsafe behaviours are met with a clear consistent response
  • We have high expectations for all and give individuals the tools they need to succeed
  • We embrace our 4 pillars: Joyful, Collaborative, Relationships, Contemporary
  • Staff regularly upskill to meet the changing needs in our school community
  • The Learning Inclusion Team works alongside staff, students and families to ensure all students feel connected to their peers, school and achieve their personalized learning goals.
  • The Learning Inclusion Team support the learning capacity of students through providing social emotional support for students and families where needed
  • Inviting parents, families and community members to be part of our daily reading communities, Investigation time, student presentations and assemblies.


Learning Inclusion Team

At St Francis, we have developed a skilled and understanding Learning Inclusion team that works alongside students, teaching staff and families to ensure that all students can access the curriculum and school environment to develop their academic, social, emotional, creative, community awareness and sporting skills. All students are given the opportunity to discover and develop their unique talents.


2018 Learning Inclusion and Well Being Team:-

Learning Inclusion Leader:-        Belinda Lingham

Learning Inclusion Support Staff:-

Year 5/6                                             Tess Pedley

Year 3 / 4                                           Shane Laracy

Year 1 / 2                                           Gillian Neil

Year 1 / 2                                           Kim Saunders

Foundation                                       Gaye Smith

F-2                                                      Rebekah Curtis

Speech Pathologist                          Emma Clark

School Counselor                             Paula Mobach

Chaplain                                            Anne Tremethick

St Francis General - Feb2016 -146


St Francis of Assisi Primary School Wodonga was previously known as Frayne College. This name change took place at the end of 2015.



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