Mrs. Jennyne Wilkinson


Deputy Principal

Mrs Natalie Pierce

Junior Learning Community



Miss. Jemma Clarke

Miss. Sarah Lehmstedt

Miss. Tiffany Hynes


Year 1

Mr. Steven Gilbert

Mrs. Teresa Ellison

Miss. Tia Grant

Mrs. Michelle Suggate

Year 2

Mr. Jason McPherson

Miss. Rose Venning

Mr. Trent Cooper

Middle Learning Community

Year 3/4


Miss. Beth Roseby

Miss. Laura Thiele

Mrs. Bernadette Todd

Mr. Jordan Taylor


Literacy Intervention

Mrs Tara Thompson

Senior Learning Community

Year 5/6


Mrs. Emily Sarroff

Mrs Suzie Patrala


Mr. Matthew Buckland


Literacy Intervention

Mrs Emma Maslen

Specialist Team

Madame Pam Stosic

Ms. Sharon Tobin
The Arts

Ms. Tracy Ross
Perfomring Arts



Enrolment Officer

Mrs Christine Nelson


Administration and Finance Officer

Mrs. Kylie Stoeckel


Finance Officer

Ms. Tracey Frauenfelder


Grounds and Maintenance

Mr Keith Ainsworth

Learning Inclusion Team

Mrs. Belinda Lingham
Learner Diversity Leader


Ms. Gillian Neill
Education Support Officer

Mrs. Beck Curtis

Education Support Officer

Ms. Nikki Ley

Education Support Officer

Ms. Tess Pedley
Education Support Officer

Mr. Shane Laracy
Education Support Officer

Ms. Tania Fraser
Education Support Officer

Mrs. Alethea Jones
Education Support Officer

Mrs. Linda Boswell
Education Support Officer

Mrs Gaye Smith

Education Support Officer

Miss Emma Clark
Speech Pathologist

Ms. Cassie Neville

School Counsellor

Parish Priest

Fr. Junjun Amaya


St Francis of Assisi Primary School Wodonga was previously known as Frayne College. This name change took place at the end of 2015.



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